5 comments on “Archos Arnova 10G2 Review

  1. The review was perfectly executed and really nails down the arnova 10 g2, I’ve owned this tablet for a month and use it for streaming live football games and browsing the Internet. I only have one grip and that’s the gingerbread 2 os as we are currently on os 3 and icecream sandwich coming out very shortly, a lot of the new games / apps require os 3 to run which is a shame because this tablet could handle the new icecream sandwich. There is no real hard evidence that an Android 4 based update will be available for the 10 g2 customer only rumours which I really hope are true which would really set this cheap yet fantastic tablet aside from others of this spec in the market and surly can only help with arnova bid to fame.

  2. I have been using my arnova 10 g2 this morning without any problem I put i down for a few minutes and now it just won’t operate at all. It’s fully charged. Help please

    • If its still not playin, hold the power button whilst holding volume up rocker & insert pin into the tiny reset hole and hold for 10 seconds. I recommend Finless Bob’s Pro ROM, #root that sucka.

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