11 comments on “Introduction

  1. Ah… the classic person who can actually enjoy using computers and is lucky enough not to have top work with them daily and deal with all the problems the end users experience, and cause!

    At least the gear you have is used, you enjoy it, the family enjoy it, and you are under no pressure to really do anything with it either!

    The IT support game see’s us all treated as McDonald flippers by end users now, who all seem to know and expert who can build a computer, but funnily enough don’t work in the field if I.T.

    I have a lot of toys, as you know, but sadly, I am more work orientated in their use, and the pleasure side comes few and far between, so in a way you are really lucky to be in the computer zone you are in!!

    Great write up, keep the stuff coming!!!


  2. @ radya i aint used mint as yet but ive had some good reports about mint 11 however i really like pclos , mint will have 2 be sumthin special to make me jump ship

  3. I have installed most versions of Linux onto spare gear here, and once it’s installed, it’s always a case of…. so.. what now!!!

    Windows 7 and the Mac’s here give me the candy on screen, Linux takes me back to the bad old days! LOL! I still judder at the thought!

    Still, a great operating system for zilch, and heck, its what runs most serious devices out there that we all use!

  4. @ jimmy for me when its installed i carry on doin what id normally do on windows 7 i have had 1 or 2 sharp learning curves but its all part of the fun windows just got borin 4 me and believe me jimmy the new pclos distro just “works” give it a go im sure u will be impressed

  5. Hope you do give Linux another chance Gordon, so much easier to use these days than even 5 years ago. I was using Linux Mint and its a fine distro but I’ve tired of the 6 month release cycle so PCLinuxOS is for me now. ;-D

  6. – WINK – Been using PCLinuxOS for over six years now, and I am still enjoying it. I hope it would be for you too.

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