7 comments on “RetroShare

  1. As you know I tried this software (on Windows) and the first thing that sprang to mind was what to set the upload and download to. in my eyes the download shouldbe set to you full speed as you want to grab the file ASAP. The upload needs to be lower but as all the settings are KB/s – this is hard to work out.
    The next items is is has to Hash all the files, in my case with large files, I left this overnight and it had not even got through half way. Adding a person seemed confusing and lack of time controls is also bad. Having to leave a PC on to share files is bad, this is why I bought a NAS, to share via FTP.

    • I agree tom , its workable all except for the time consuming hashing of files , it seems to work a little better in linux but yes it is kind of confusing for the average end user, i think its main use would be for sharing a small amount of files say 10GB with friends. i hope in the not too distant future to try the FTP method.

  2. Are you still using RetroShare? I want to test it and would be glad if we could exchange keys. You can contact me via the email address of this comment. Thanks!

    • sorry no , i only had 2 friends using it and once we raped each others media i uninstalled it, it would be great if there was a retroshare community tho, syncing a lot of files takes forever , i think SFTP might be a better option..

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