4 comments on “Apple Charlatans

  1. This article is so funny. Get your facts straight.
    Most PCs or electronics are most likely made somewhere in China, Taiwan or a number of Asian countries. With that in mind, it makes no sense for people to complain about Apple’s products being made there. There have been news stories about “sweat shops” in China (Foxconn was mentioned).

    Foxconn makes parts for other companies besides Apple. So you can’t single out Apple for that situation. You must also go after all the other companies that use Foxconn, and other sweat shops, to make these devices.

    You mention Apple’s HFS is an ancient file system. Then you talk about Microsoft’s FAT32 file system. FAT32 is even more ancient, and is not even the primary file structure used on PCs and more.

    You accuse Apple of being the only company that controls what apps can be put on their “i-devices.” To my knowledge, “android” phones do the same. That’s why people jailbreak them.

    You say Apple censors people’s email. I haven’t seen any evidence my email has been censored. But I’m usually careful what I write about. I never threaten my country’s security. I do swear sometimes. My swear words have never been censored.

    You mention eBooks with DRM. I dare say Amazon has their own controls on such devices. Heck I even read that Amazon’s new Kindle devices all include Ads, even if you buy the $500 HD Model!

    I could go on, but I have better things to do. You merely spouted out some words that are, at best, not totally accurate. You ignored the facts that other companies may also be guilty of the same offenses that you accuse Apple of committing.

    In my years of using Apple devices, I’ve never once felt stifled, censored, controlled, or unhappy.

    I rarely buy any music from Amazon or Apple, so this entire DRM thing means nothing to me.

    Sorry, but you really need to take time to do your research before writing such articles. And, yes, get someone to proofread for you.

    • “I rarely buy any music from Amazon or Apple, so this entire DRM thing means nothing to me.” (its not about you its about Apple and their methods) Amazon is guilty tooo , however this post is about Apple not Amazon or Dell or anyone else. There is nothing in this article that is not true ron , you need to take the blinkers off if u read the article FAT32 is a better filesystem than HFS at certain things, you really dont know what you are talking about , android do not force you to use google apps but i agree google is not squeaky clean either , thats why im longing for a native linux tablet, obviously u dont see what apple monitor because its a backdoor in all apple devices , Apple can tunnel ito your computer and add/remove software at will , as they have done in the past with George Orwells book 1984 (ironic).you really need to do your own research and stop behaving like an applefan boy and no i really dont need proofreaders im a scot i do my own brand of english. everything in this article is 100% accurate. because you dont see it dont mean its not there , its well documented. and thanks i did try and add my own brand of humour. If i remember right you couldnt even make a windows OS work for you and they are designed for the “average” user, thank you too for proving my point that a percentage of apple users is blinkered and has relatively no understanding of technology.

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