4 comments on “Getting Android to be as Stallman-friendly as possible

  1. “However, there are also some rather useful parts missing from CyanogenMod, such as the Google Talk client, the ability to synchronize your Google contacts and calendar events, the network location service, and even the Play Store itself.”
    I don’t know about most of these, but Google Play can be downloaded as an APK. I can either send you a copy of mine, which is outdated (updateable) but clean, or you can google for a copy yourself. I think I got mine from Softpedia.
    “GoogleTTS.apk – The CyanogenMod ROM already contains Pico TTS; whereas this application is for some reason not allowed to ship with it. I’m not sure about the license, but it seems to be restricted nonetheless.”
    GoogleTTS.apk is open source, it’s restricted because of the copyright on the recordings of the people hired to make natural sounding speech. CyanogenMod 10 didn’t ship with GoogleTTS.apk because it would have took too much time and resources to make their own recordings to replace those in the original package, and they might not have received permission from Google to use the original ones in a competing product that many hardware manufacturers have decided voids warranties.
    “All of the other things I do, I do with the Chrome browser.”
    Bend over and wave bye-bye to your privacy. Or why not just try Firefox for Android instead?

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