2 comments on “ARC Welder && show_box.apk

  1. Great article. However i do have a question. I have succesffully downloaded the showbox app using the arc welder in google chrome. When in showbow and i want to download the movie, it downloads with no issues. However when i wanted to find the download through my Macbook i cant seem to find the .mp4 file for the movie i downloaded. Im on El Capitan on Mac laptop. Where can i find the downloaded movie location? Thanks for your help and any suggestion are welcome.

    • Darren i use OS X on occasion but rarely,one of the ways you can see where the .mp4 is being written to is to open your terminal and do ls / | grep .mp4 or cd /home/$USER && locate “*.mp4” | grep .mp4 it will list all .mp4’s if you know you have a lot edit the grep command to suit, if you have problems do ls /home | grep .mp4 ( i’m forgetting the osx partitioning scheme )
      This is a great alternative method and it runs great on OS X torrentflix
      Also i’ve created a search engine which searches for movies/tv shows, every returned result will play natively in mpv

      mpv <ResultURL>

      provided mpv & youtube-dl are installed.
      i’m glad you find this useful and i hope this answers your question..
      happy hacking

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